How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for December 16, 2008
Harry appeared from behind the sofa today as I entered the living room.  The first thing that Harry wanted from me was lots of scratchies and brushing with his blue brush. We eventually moved on to the kitchen to prepare his meal and refresh his water including his last bit of tuna treat.  After Harry inspected and approved the arrangement of bowls and had his taste test we headed back to the living room and had some great laser play with our usual time outs in between.  On one of our time outs Harry went up on the windowsill in back of the sofa to marvel at the snow storm that was swirling outside.  I could see his little head turning from side to side and watched him follow certain clumps of snowflakes as they traveled past his window.  He was like a typical kid enjoying a magnificent winter spectacle.  But after a while he returned to me and reached up by the lamp and knocked the treat bag over to let me know that kitties can't live by snowflakes alone:)  I hand fed him several treats as a reward for just being so cute and we were off and running with the little red laser dot again.  When it was time to leave, this being the last visit, and the weather being what it was, I put down an extra food bowl and filled his water bowl to the brim just in case his mom is delayed on her return. Just give us a call of course if your're grounded and we need to come tomorrow! Cheers and Happy Holidays!
2008-12-17 16:03:34 GMT