How's My Kitty?
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EMILY & BABY CAT, Entry for December 15, 2008
Hello, this is Lora, Laurie's newest cat nanny. I had the enjoyment of meeting and caring for your babies Emily and Baby Cat today. They were dolls!! When I came in I found Baby Cat taking an afternoon nap on the bed in the first bedroom. Emily was on her perch in the window and later came down to say meow and receive a treat. She later returned to her perch in the window which had a few nice rays of sun coming in. All was well in the house, litter boxes cleaned, cats fed with the exception of no soft food or medication administered today, treats, a little clean up, brushing and cleaning of Emily's eyes. I did not water the plants as the soil was still moist to the touch. Have a wonderful day!!
2008-12-16 22:41:30 GMT