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HARRY, Entry for December 13-14, 2008
Saturday December 13, 1008

As usual ( these days:) Harry was hanging out in the living room when I arrived.  Without hesitation he walked up to me for his scratchies.  Boy have we come a looong way. After that ritual he followed me to the kitchen to make sure that I was preparing his little tuna treat.  Then, while he had his taste test, I got his other treats, my laser, my cookie treats (Thank You), turned on the TV and sat and waited for the prince.  Little did he know that I had loaded my laser pointer with some fresh batteries and the little red dot was quite bright today- thrilling him to no end.  I ran it up and down my coat hanging on the back of the desk chair which he defended it against the light with great vigor.  He chased it all around the room for quite some time. Then when he decided to take a short time out I finished my chores.  After that, Harry enjoyed some quiet and relaxing brushing around and under his chin from the soft flexible blue brush a few times - and took several time outs to go catch a nibble of tuna or a couple of his other treats.  After more exercise and numerous time outs Harry was finally lasered out - and it was sadly time for me to go:(

Sunday December 14, 2008

Harry appeared from I'm not sure where shortly after I arrived.  He had knocked his wheat grass over somehow so I watered it to give it some weight and allowed it to drain in the sink while I prepared his food and water.  We had more great laser play today and lots more chin, head and neck brushing, cookie and treat eating before our visit was over.  Harry would hide around the corner out of sight and wait for the laser light to slowly meander toward the litter box before tearing after it - and pawing at my coat as it made it's travels over to the cat tree.  He wrapped his front paws around his little purple cylindrical pillow and killed it with his back claws in an attempt to rid it of the invading red dot.  All in all we had our usual great time:)
2008-12-15 09:19:13 GMT