How's My Kitty?
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Seghesio, Meatball, Pinhead & Genny, Entry for December 1, 2008
Hi there! Well as you can see the Holiday kitty madness is winding down and we're clearing the decks here for Christmas. Whew! Sorry for the delay in blogs. But the kids are all doing very well. Segesio in particular seems especially happy for company and jumps right up onto the coffee table for pets and attention asap. She's started sitting on the back of the big chair with me to watch TV as well so I can reach up and give her little pets every so often. I wish she'd sit in my lap tho! The boys were really up to alot of mischief the past couple of days - particularly in the upstairs bathroom. They had somehow managed to pull BOTH your robes off the door hook, which came loose, the rugs were all askew as well as the green sheet at the foot of your bed, which was on the floor. Whew! They are major partiers at night:) Genny comes and goes and we have a new game. I've noticed that she will watch me from under the bed and move wherever I do, cause I see her little paws just under the sheet. So I reach in the tap her paws just to let her know I'm wise to her:) She seems to think that's fun. Cheers!
2008-12-02 18:02:32 GMT