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Deekers, Entry for December 1, 2008
Deekers for December 1, 2008 AM

Deekers joined me in the kitchen and we went through our morning ritual.  I prepared her food under her watchful eye and we reconvened in the den for our morning snuggling.  Deekers gave me lots of chin rubs while I gave her a brush out and lots of scratchies.  We had some short laser play which was a prelude to my getting up to add some dry food to her dish and check the litter.  After a little more snuggling it was time for me to go. Another great visit:)

Deekers for December 1, 2008 PM

Deekers met me in the hall and escorted me to the kitchen tonight.  She hopped up on the back kitchen counter while I washed her bowl.  As soon as I put her food in the bowl she performed a taste test.  Then, I put her bowl on her place mat, lifted her up and set her down in front of it.  While she continued to eat I gathered up the brush and headed for the den.  I flipped the TV, grabbed the laser and waited for her to arrive.  Soon she was sauntering in my direction stopping a couple of times to wash her face with her little paws.  She jumped up into my lap and used my chin as a brush to finish the job. We spent some time snuggling and Deekers enjoyed some light brushing as well.  All of a sudden the laser dot appeared and she was off and running from the den to the living room wall.  I moved down to the floor so that I could get clear passage for the laser beam under the table to the opposite wall.  After some play time Deekers settled on the floor with me wedged in agansed my side with her front paws tucked under and resting on my arm.  We spent some time together watching TV and just being together.  I walked her to her food dish and gave her some dry food, scooped the litter and packed up to go:)

2008-12-02 16:43:30 GMT