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Deekers, Entry for November 30, 2008
Deekers for November 30, 2008 AM

Deekers was doing well this morning and joined me in the kitchen to supervise her food preparation.  Afterward, we enjoyed having our quiet time in the den as usual. She noticed I hadn't had time to shave this morning and decided to use my chin as a brush! lol.

Deekers for November 30, 2008 PM

Deekers got the last small can of cat food this evening but there are still plenty of the large cans left.  We based our activities from the den as usual and she had a good laser session and played with the cat dancer as well.  We ended our visit with lots of snuggling, scratchies and brushing while she laid on my chest.  In fact we were so relaxed that she looked like she was settling in for a nap and I was starting to nod off too!  But as I had one more kitty to visit I spirited her into the kitchen for a dry food garnish on top of her wet food and quickly departed while she was munching away.
2008-12-02 16:34:19 GMT