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Deekers, Entry for November 27-28, 2008
Nov. 29-30 coming soon! All's well:)

Nov. 27th and 28th AM visits.

Sorry for the lateness of the blogs.  Thanksgiving and Friday have been long days. On those mornings when I arrived I went strait to the kitchen to prepare her food.  In about half a minute Deekers would magically appear to get some hugs and supervise the food preparation.  While she was eating I would do the rest of my chores.  After a decent nibble she would race out and join me on the sofa where we would engage in some serious snuggling and head butting.  Our mornings have been very low key.  I would walk her back to her dish and add a bit of dry food and after a second nibble we would reconvene in the living room.  Before I would leave we have been continuing with a little play primarily with the cat dancer.  I did turn off your clock radio alarm in the bedroom with the instructions you left on my voice mail.

Thursday and Friday November 27th and 28th PM visits

In the evenings she has been meeting me in the dining area while I'm removing my coat.  After feeding Deekers and doing my chores.  We have been settling down either in the living room or the the den for some serious snuggling.  Why mess with a good thing?  After we have gotten that out of our systems we have been having some serious play with the laser.  She really enjoys chasing that little red dot.  I would flip on the TV for background while settling in with her on the sofa, but I haven't been able to figure out how to turn them on.  Maybe tomorrow:)

2008-11-30 12:20:25 GMT