How's My Kitty?
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Kato & Sasha, Entry for November 26, 2008
Well I must say, that was quite a set up you left the kids! lol. I've never seen so many wands sticking out of the couches before. Funny thing is that neither Kato or Sasha had pulled them all out yet. I expect they will do it though sometime during the night. Kato was very happy to see me which I was thrilled about and followed me around and wanted lots of pets and attention. I served up dinner but nobody was particularly starving - I expect since you fed them this AM and their dishes were clean. Noticed you have only one bowl of dry food now in the livingroom which was almost depleted too, so topped that up. Thank you SOOO much for your generous gift AND the spaghetti!  You're so sweet.
2008-11-27 17:59:11 GMT