How's My Kitty?
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Seghisio, Meatball, Pinhead & Genny, Entry for November 24, 2008

Well how is Spain??! Hopefully warmer than here. It was great to be greated by the twins and even Seghesio when I came in today. Usually Seghisio is sitting on the couch and just stays where she is until I come to her, but today she came right up to greet me! Very sweet. Everybody got a treat right away. Meatball tried to steal Pinheads but Pin held his ground and got it back:) Meanwhile, I turned and saw Genny sitting on the stairs desperately wanting to join in probably but just couldn't bring herself to actually do it. So we all went to her. I took a few toys and set them at her feet and Meatball jumped up and gave her a loving headbutt, which she liked. When Pinhead came up to do the same thing however, she gave him a growl. Poor Pinhead! After that we checked the food and litter boxes then did some running around after flying toys. Oh yes, and Nanny had a couple bites of those beloved goodies in the fridge ( Thank You!) and we watched a little TV together for a bit. So all's well and will be back soon!

2008-11-25 22:15:33 GMT