How's My Kitty?
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Kato & Sasha, Entry for October 17, 2008
Hi there! Everything's going like clockwork here with you coming and going:) Got in just fine and kitties are both out and about and socializing. Kato and I are playing one of his favorite games. I put as many toys as possible on top of their scratching post while he watches me intently - then when I leave the room he dashes over and gets them all down. It's really funny how he waits until I'm not looking. And then when I come back he has the most mischievious look on his face. lol. I give him lots of oohs and aahs and say Oh My Goodness! What happened to all the toys??!! Then put them all back again. We do this over and over again until I'm worn out. lol.
2008-10-18 14:27:11 GMT