How's My Kitty?
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Joe & Frank, Entry for October 17, 2008
Good to see the boys again! And the house is as cozy as ever. Keeping everything nice and tidy as well, in case any buyers come through. Frank is being his usual sociable self and Joe remains ensconced under the master bed. I'm thinking about taking him up a little dish of treats or something to try and lure him out - though it hasn't worked before. The only time I can get him playing is when I catch him in the dining room. But that's hard because it's takes me a minute to get up the stairs from the front door - which gives him plenty of time to run up to the bedroom. I think the times I've caught him in the diningroom, he was probably asleep and didn't hear me. Anyway - all's well here and they're both eating well:)
2008-10-18 14:21:51 GMT