How's My Kitty?
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Bailey & Rufus, Entry for October 17, 2008
Hi guys! Well the place looks so cute as usual for Halloween - and I was so happy to see the eyeballs! I gave you last year. haha. Good news is that Bailey has been my door greeter everyday so I get to give her pets and attention as soon as I come in which she's happy for. Unfortunately she still is under the control of Rufus, who's not about to change I'm afraid. He'll sit and watch our interaction, then head to the bedroom - telling Bailey to follow.  I did make a small breakthrough yesterday though by shaking the bag of treats and Bailey was brave enough to say "To heck with you Rufus, I'm getting those treats" and came trotting back out to the kitchen:) She was rewarded generously and got lots more pets for her new found independence:)
2008-10-18 14:01:10 GMT