How's My Kitty?
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Alexander & Sweetness, Entry for October 17, 2008
Am - Well, turns out I'm looking after the kitties myself this trip ( Laurie ) and I'm glad of it now because I would have missed seeing Alexander in his new pajamas! Oooooh my goodness! That is just so cute! Are those special PJ's made specifically for Sphinx's? But down to the news: This morning when I arrived the kitties seemed in good spirits - but I found that someone had vomited up what looked to me at first to be a piece of chicken  in the hall - So I went in search of where they could have found such a thing, and discovered that they had actually torn apart one of the rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom next to the litter box, injested a good part of it, and thew it back up - Thank Goodness. So, needless to say, I have put all the toilet paper I could find away where they can no longer get at it and checked around the apartment for anything else they might consider tasty. Both kitties took their pills well - though Alex did get rather impatient with all four and spit the 3rd one out. So I gave him a short break and a couple pieces of food as a reward, then popped the other two in. So we got the job done. I'm extra gentle with him because his breed seems so fragile compared to other cats. Then I served up breakfast and they wolfed down their portions as usual. After that Alex hopped way up onto the top of the kitchen cabinets and groomed himself while Sweetness got lots of pets and snuggles. In the evening after dinner we had playtime and snuggles and I adjusted Alex's PJ's a little because they were coming down a little too far around his shoulders. And so far, I did not see any further reactions to the toilet paper incident. LH
2008-10-18 13:55:51 GMT