How's My Kitty?
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Snowflake & Sprinkles, Entry for Sept. 27-30, 2008
Since I have been taking care of your babys for a while we have settled into a routine that Snowflake and Sprinkles expect me to follow.  When I arrive, Sprinkles greets me at the door.  She meows constantly while she leads me to the kitchen.  Snowflake is as interested in getting her food as well, but she is not as vocal, preferring to keep her distance and let Sprinkles do all of the work.  I put Sprinkle's dish in the sink and run some hot water while she escorts me to the hall to pick up Snowflake's dish.  Upon my return to the kitchen, I wash and dry both dishes and prepare their food.  I set Sprinkle's food down by the dry food dispenser and put Snowflake's bowl under her nose, so that she will follow me to the hall to eat in her place just outside of the bathroom.  While the little ones are contentedly eating I do the litter boxes and fill the water container for the fountain.  Then I collect the treats and the laser and my brush, turn on the TV and settle on the sofa and wait for the girls to show up.  Snowflake usually arrives first and positions herself to the left of the TV.  I start some laser play with her until Sprinkles arrives.  Sprinkles meows at me until I pick her up and put her in my lap.  She curls up in my lap and expects to get constant petting and scratchies and some brushing - meowing periodically to tell me how much she is enjoying herself.  Snowflake expects me to continue with her laser play and has a good time running back and fourth in front of the TV and into the hall.  But after my leg has fallen completely asleep:))  I usually am able to entice Sprinkles with the laser to join in the play as well. The problem is that Sprinkles prefers me to cross my legs in a certain way for her to be most comfortable and I do my best, even though it creates a bit of a circulation problem. lol. But, after awhile I give them both a few treats and invite Sprinkles to settle back in my lap. Snowflake sometimes settles up on the divider in back of the sofa for a while to watch a little TV and Sprinkles will sometimes wander around from bowl to bowl expecting more food to magically appear. When it doesn't, she comes back and contents herself again in my lap. This is pretty much how our visits together go on a daily basis.  They are both pretty content when I leave and get a few more treats on my way out.
2008-10-01 14:59:35 GMT