How's My Kitty?
Welcome travelling parents! Check here daily to see what your little ones are up to!
HARRY, September 19, 2008
Harry was doing well today.  He was lounging on top of his cat tree when I arrived.  He quickly hopped down and sat in front of the chair and waited for me to settle in the living room.  We had a great play session with the laser pointer.  As I ran the laser dot up his cat tree he climbed to the top and hung over the side swatting vigorously at that illusive dot.  He followed it across the ceiling to the hall and jumped up the walls to get that dot.  On our first break, I made his tuna and he met me at his eating area for a little munch.  After much grooming on his rug, he hopped up into my lap and sat on my knee draping his front legs over the arm of the chair.  From there he laid for a few minutes in back of my head on top of the chair. He worked his way over to the other arm on the chair and knocked the laser pointer off onto the floor.  He knows what the pointer looks like and that when I have it in my hand the red dot always appears and it is his way of telling me he is ready for more.  After our next play session he hopped up on my knee and knocked over the treat pouch and allowed me to hand feed him some treats.  I excused myself and quickly finished my chores and settled in for some more play and some TV.  What a great visit we had today.  I could hardly look bck at his little sad eyes when it was time for me to go:)
2008-09-20 19:08:46 GMT