How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for September 15-18, 2008
September 15, 2008- Harry was in his beloved closet when I arrived today.  He came out on his own and peeked around the corner at me to see if I was making his special treat in the kitchen, which of course I was.  He strolled over to his eating area for a quick munch as I sat the bowl on the floor.  He came to the chair after for some scratchies,  a few swipes under and around his chin with the soft blue brush and positioned himself next to his cat tree for the start of some laser play.  After much play and several breaks we settled in to watch some TV punctuated by plenty of treats for being a good little boy.

September 16, 2008- Harry was on the top of his cat tree when I arrived today but soon hopped down and laid in front of the chair when I came and settled in for our usual play.  He just can't get enough of the laser.  I don't believe that he misses the laser when I'm not around, but he has fully associated me with it.  He occasionally took a swat at the blue feather wand and attacked his soft purple cylindrical pillow on the rug with the help of the laser dot.  We had several play session punctuated with rest/TV periods.  He always comes to me for scratchies and has no desire to retire to his closet when I am around anymore.  We have become buds and it makes me very happy.

Wednesday September 17, 2008- Harry was on the top of his cat tree again when I arrived today.  He came down for some scratchies and followed me to the kitchen.  I had an audience while I prepared his tuna today and Harry had a nibble when I placed it in his eating area.  After he had a little tuna he rushed over to me for some play.  Harry tore all around the living room and into the hall after that little red dot.  He kept himself well groomed during his rest periods and came over to me to put his front paws on the table next to the chair to beg for some treats to keep his strength up.

Thursday September 18, 2008- Harry was doing well today.  He had retired to his closet for a nap prior to my arrival, however when I came in the door and called his name he came out of the closet and up to me for some scratchies.  He escorted me to the living room expecting his usual laser play and was not disappointed.  On our first break, I washed his tuna bowl from yesterday, prepared his dry food and refreshed his water. He waited on his rug for me to return and groomed himself.  After more laser play he took a break and had a little nibble of his dry food.  When he returned he hopped up on the chair, stretched out over the arm of the chair and then knocked the laser on the floor.  This was my cue to initiate more laser play.  During subsequent breaks we watched some TV or he would come over to be hand fed some treats.  All and all just another great visit.
2008-09-20 19:06:10 GMT