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HARRY, Entry for September 12-14, 2008
September 12, 2008

It was good to see Harry again, even if it was his little butt scurrying into his beloved linen closet as I came in the door.  I knelt down and said hi to him so that he could see that it was me and went about my chores.  When I returned Harry had moved to the front of the closet and I started moving a laser dot on the floor in front and started slowly walking toward the living room.  As I settled in the chair I looked back to see his little head peeking around the corner.  I shined the laser in front of him and moved it into the living room.  Harry of course romped after it and chased it around in circles on his rug.  He came over for a little scratch and after I held the soft blue brush down face up on the rug so that he could rub his chin over and around it.  We had mostly laser play today and watched some TV together.

Saturday September 13, 2008

Harry was in his closet when I arrived today and I went about my chores first so that my time with Harry would be uninterrupted.  The chores took a while as Harry had miscalculated his aim at the litter box and had kicked lots of litter on the floor to cover his mistake.  I had deemed this to be a tuna day and after I had prepared it I came back to the closet.  Harry was at the front and I held the bowl of tuna under his nose so that he could have a lick and dragged the laser light on the floor toward the living room setting his tuna down at his eating area.  Harry quickly emerged and went straight past his tuna to play with the laser.  On our first break he came over for some scratchies and went to sample his food.  He had some fun with the blue feather wand and more laser play punctuated by several breaks for regrouping and a little TV.

Sept. 14, Harry was lounging at he top of his cat tree when I arrived today.  By the time I reached him he was down on the rug.  He accepted some brushing with the soft blue brush and a few scratchies between the ears and under the chin before I excused myself and started my chores. He was a good boy with the litter pan overnight and when I brought his food bowl out of the kitchen he was waiting by his food area.  I think that he was looking for more tuna today, but I don't think that he was disappointed with his nice bowl of dry food.  We had lots of fun with the laser and the blue feather wand punctuated by some rest periods and  TV.  We had another great visit and it seems that we are back in our normal routine again.  I so look forward to seeing his  sweet little face each day.
2008-09-20 19:01:14 GMT