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Onyx & Gracie, Entry for August 28, 2008
WELL... per our conversation earlier, my plane was delayed and I ended up making a rather late visit to the kitties and found them outside!  It really took me by surprise. Just can't trust neighbors sometimes to make sure everything's lock up tight eh?- as well meaning as they are.  Fortunately, when Gracie saw me she ran back inside through the window and Onyx came over to say hello and walk in through the back door with me. Of course I immediately shut the window as soon as I got it. I could not imagine that you deliberately left that window open for them to roam around outside as they pleased.. Sheesh! After I got in, Onyx was very vocal and stood in the middle of the kitchen telling me to hurry up! They had finished up all their food so I was sure he was hungry. Gracie never appeared again, which is normal - BUT! I did catch a glimps of her earlier for the first time in months when she was hurrying back into the house. She really has grown! Seems to be about as big as Onyx now! I remember when she was so small -- and not quite such a scaredy cat:)
2008-08-29 18:15:32 GMT
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Our Friend who fed them for a couple days before you returned must have forgot to close the window with the cat flap, or that is the only explaination I can think of. Surely she did not think it was OK for them to wander out any time without supervision? Anyway they were good kitties and stuck around. I don't think it occurs to them to jump the fence because they have trained to know their backyard borders. I am glad you agreed to take them out when you are there because I think they dread us leaving them although we don't travel much and getting to go outside is treat. Our friend said Ony gave her no trouble about going in when he was called. Thanks for coming by that night and bringing some order back to the house.
--Ony & Graycie's Dad
2008-08-30 12:37:40 GMT