How's My Kitty?
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Buddy & Spike, Entry for August 27-28, 2008
August 27, 2008 PM- Buddy and Spike were doing well this evening.  Spike the relentless door greeter escorted me to the kitchen when I arrived.  Buddy was there lounging on the ottoman with the toys.  I gave them their wet food and they both ate well.  After my chores I came back to the kitchen area and sat on the sofa.  Buddy returned to the ottoman and we had a good time with the chirping wand and the cat dancer.  Buddy joined me on the sofa and later on the island for his scratchies.  He so loves this time we have together.  Spike as usual came over for her scratchies.  She loves to be scratched on the head and under the chin, but gets a little testy if I attempt anywhere else.  She loves the laser and she tore around the kitchen pawing the cabinets and walls.  I ended with some departing scratchies and a hug for Buddy and some treats for both.

August 28, 2008 AM- I was escorted to the kitchen to find Buddy waiting.  I divided their wet food and went about my chores.  After a while Buddy joined me upstairs and we rolled around on the hall rug together in front of the linen closet.  We went to the eating area in the master bath where Buddy sampled some dry food and took a drink of fresh water.  I continued down to the basement to check the litter pan at the end of the hall which is never used  I returned to the kitchen and found Buddy nibbling some wet food.  He hopped up on the grooming chair and had a nice brush.  Spike had a nice laser session on the stairs to the basement and they both had treats before I had to leave.

2008-08-29 18:07:41 GMT