How's My Kitty?
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Buddy & Spike, Entry for August 27, 2008
Wednesday August 27, 2008 AM- Spike was there again to greet me at the door and got her scratchies between her ears as a reward.  She followed me to the kitchen and was rewarded in addition with a 1/2 can of wet food.  While she ate, I put Buddy's food up and went upstairs to greet him as well.  I found him lounging in the room next to the fairy room.  He followed me to the hall for our private scratchie session.  Buddy did his figure eight walk and rolled around on the rug purring in the hall with me allowing me to give him all that scratchies that he could get.  I eventually stopped ad scooped the litter pans and he wandered down stairs.  I found him starring out the back door.  I gave him his wet food and he ate every bit.  Meanwhile Spike had finished and wandered down stairs.  I went about my chores and came back to Buddy.  We played with the chirping wand and Buddy had a great session in the grooming chair.  His cutest position was going limp in the chair with his little chin on the window sill.  I found Spike lounging in a chair in the TV room and we had lots of laser play before I had to leave.
2008-08-29 18:04:07 GMT