How's My Kitty?
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Harry Entry for August 25, 2008
Today was my last visit with Harry, and he was doing well today! When I arrived he was in his linen closet. I went about my chores so that I could spent the rest of my visit with Harry. After my chores I went back to Harry's closet, reached down and gave him a little scratchie under the chin and told him to meet me in the living room. He appeared soon after and passed by me for more scratchies. Harry positioned himself by his cat tree and waited for the laser dot to appear. Very soon he was tearing around the living room and the front hall happily pursuing that little red thing that dared to invade his space. It would disappear for a moment and he would pause and watch me until it would reappear. During these pauses I could get in more scratchies and some brushing. He expects that when I am there the laser dot will appear and is reluctant to get too involved with his other toys! We had another great visit together and as always I was reluctant to leave. I hope you had a great trip!
2008-08-26 17:03:09 GMT