How's My Kitty?
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Orion, Entry for August 10, 2008
Orion must have been napping in the bedroom when I arrived and when I opened the door his little head appeared in the hallway from that direction.  As I approached he plopped down and rolled over and I knelt down and buried my face in his belly.  Satisfied, he walked with me into the kitchen for some food.  He checked out the offering and decide that he wanted to play for a while.  We went through our normal routine with chin and face brushing and laser play and tummy sratches and lots of petting on the floor, punctuated by brief time outs for Orion to have a little munch in the kitchen.  We ended our visit with more play, some grooming by Orion to get his fur back in order and watched some TV together on the floor
2008-08-11 15:15:05 GMT