How's My Kitty?
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Orion, Entry for August 10, 2008
AM- Orion met me at the door again and escorted me to the kitchen.  I have to watch because he tends to create a road block by laying in front of my path and rolling over for a tummy scratch.  He munched out on his food and joined me in the living room.  We went through our usual routine.  It seems that he has become addicted to getting his little face brushed. I hold his little chin and lead with the front end of the brush so that the wire bristles are turned away from his face for the smoothest and safest brush up the sides. Orion chased the laser and played with his tinsel bell wand.  We spent sometime together on the floor with the brush and some toys and Orion rolled around for tummy rubs and flexed his front paws to point things out to me on the ceiling
2008-08-11 15:14:01 GMT