How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy & Socrates, Entry for August 9, 2008
This was my last visit with the boys today.  All went well. Socrates had a good time with the cat dancer today.  He is really a player.  Jimmy played with me more today.  He shared the field with Socrates during the play with the cat dancer.  Jimmy enjoyed the greenies that I gave him, at least the ones that Socrates didn't race in and steal.  I think that Jimmy is resigned to playing second fiddle to Socrates.  The situation should even out as Socrates outgrows his kitten stage.  Perhaps with extra attention, Jimmy will become more assured and demand his place as senior member of your pride.  I had a great time with your boys and I hope you had a terrific week end
2008-08-11 15:12:22 GMT