How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for August 8, 2008
When I arrived for the visit today Jimmy appeared right away to see who was coming in and I gave him a little scratchie for being so brave.  Socrates was lounging at the top of the cat tree and I walked right over and gave him some scratchies as well.  He is so cute with that little white tear drop on his nose and the white line between his eyes.   It was so good to see my old buddy Jimmy again.  He and Socrates seem to get along well.  Sometimes Socrates will pounce on him when he isn't looking.  Regardless -they seem to be best buddies.  Whenever I tried to give Jimmy all my attention, Socrates would run over and insert himself into the activity.  I could tell that Jimmy was getting frustrated about that and I could see that he resented a little the attention that I would give to Socrates.  In order to have some uninterrupted play with Jimmy, I would hold one wand in one hand for Jimmy then the cat dancer in the other hand for Socrates.  At feeding time, Jimmy was able to eat uninterrupted as I sat their wet food dishes apart from each other just a little.  I watered the plants and noticed that the big one on the floor is really getting a beating from Socrates. I will try on my next visit to put Socrates in the bedroom area for a few minutes to get some quality time with Jimmy alone.  I think he would like that.  I can't wait until tomorrow.
2008-08-10 14:13:20 GMT