How's My Kitty?
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Holly GoLightly, Entry for August 8-9, 2008
Well guys - You weren't kidding when you said Holly had become crabbier lately. What caused this? Did it happen right after the move or before? I can't imagine why she wouldn't be more relaxed and happier in the new house with so much room to explore.. In any case, it's been somewhat challenging with her on a few fronts.  On my first visit, she refused to eat the pill pocket with her pill in it. So I put it on top of her food as you suggested should that happen. Well - when I arrived for the second visit, she hadn't finished all her wet food and there was the pill still on top.  As for the ear meds - while this was fairly easy to administer before, Holly has turned into a little Tiger when she knows it's coming. So---- here's what I've had to do. I have to wrap her gently in the kitchen down to cover her paws and pop the meds in her ears quickly while she's growling. Sheesh! I'm pretty quick about it though and she recovers fast - and doesn't run off in disgust. She still stays in the kitchen watching what I'm doing. As for the other meds, I've put them in the food, and have picked up her dry food to make sure she eats everything. That worked well yesterday.
2008-08-10 14:06:58 GMT