How's My Kitty?
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Orion, Entry for August 8-9, 2008
Friday am, Orion was peeking down the hall from the living room when I arrived in the AM.  When he saw me - he came running down the hall to meet me which he repeated at night and makes me feel quite welcome and appreciated.  After a little sniffing, we settled into our routine.  Orion got lots of good brushing and we rolled around on he floor together playing with the wand with the bell and tinsel.  Orion picked it out as one of his favorites earlier when we were sitting together on the sofa.  Orion supervised the scooping of the litter on one of our breaks from play and escorted me back to the living room floor or more play.  He likes his little chin and chest brushed and I have to hold his chin and carefully guide the brush around both sides  in order to give him the most enjoyable brush.  When left to his own devises, he tends to sometimes rub the wrong way aganced the bristles.  Orion is a good boy and is as usual a joy to be with.

Saturday-Orion met me at the door both visits and we settled into our routine of play and grooming. In the morning I got out the  fishing pole which he really loves attacking as the little mouse on the end wiggles across the carpet.  We did that in between chin brushes for a while today. with small breaks when Orion wanted to munch or go the the litter box.  We always end up on the carpet.  Today Orion would stalk and attack the bell tinsel wand as I would flick it into the entry of his little spotted house.  He would either jump into the entry after it or run around to the other side and wait for it to appear from my side.  It's very cute when Orion rolls over to give me his belly for a scratch and flexes his front paws into the air. So I think he's a happy cat:)
2008-08-10 13:57:17 GMT