How's My Kitty?
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Buddy & Spike, Entry for August 7, 2008

Lots of news in the past week - The storm was pretty scary especially with the Tornado sirens going off everywhere. My house doesn't have a basement so THAT wasn't fun:) I was sooo wishing I'd been at your house at the time. Next morning of course, things had died down and I headed out to check on your home to make sure no trees had fallen on the roof etc. and all was well - apart from lots of branches and various plant debris here and there. So after checking in on the kitties, I set about collecting everything in the front yard and making a pile on the side of the house that I hope the gardeners would remove later - which they did yesterday. Then swept off the porch and all was pretty much back to normal. The kitties remain in good spirits and really look forward to my visits. In fact, yesterday when I was sorting the mail at the diningroom table, they were fighting over who got to sit next to me- that is SPIKE decided to shoo Buddy away. What a strange cat... She has so many mixed emotions. She acts like she could take or leave me most of the time ( though she always greets me at the door) but then she'll fight Buddy for my attention. Really funny. Undaunted though by Spike's harrassment - Buddy just jumped up on the table and sat right down on top of the various piles of mail I was sorting. This made it a bit hard to work, so I opened up a newspaper and set him on that nearby and he resigned himself to that spot instead:) Both are eating well, seem in pretty good spirits overall - but I am finding bits of vomit occassionally as you mentioned before you left and am staying on top of the cleaning. Not bad - maybe (1) or (2) every other day. However! In my house check yesterday I discovered that Buddy had found himself another place to poop outside the box - since you blockaded his path to the 3rd floor sunroom.  I found (2) instances in the basement work out room. So.... I got one of the cardboard boxes that hadn't been assembled yet and put that in the doorway so he couldn't go in. It was the perfect size and wedged just right between the walls. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.  Been keeping up with Buddy's grooming, so there's not much hair flying around. Other than that, everything's pretty normal here and hope you guys are having a wonderful time!!

2008-08-08 16:18:56 GMT