How's My Kitty?
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Orion, Entry for August 7, 2008

Well of course I have to mention again that you have the best view I ever seen of Chicago. Walking into the condo is alway such a spectacular experience! But down to business:) Orion was his usual friendly self this afternoon, greeted me at the door, then followed me to the kitchen to help prepare dinner.  He had a couple of bites then followed me to the couch where I attempted to get him to play - but he was obsessed with smelling my pants, shoes and bag instead.  I'm sure he was fascinated with all the kitties scents I had collected on my visits since early morning:) I tried tossing his mice around and distracting him with the fishing rod - to no avail.  So we had a sniff-fest for the longest time. lol. Finally, I got out the brush and THAT finally got his attention and he spent the rest of the time enjoying a nice grooming. When I left he seemed quite relaxed and happy:)

Steve will be looking after him in the morning and he'll be quite spoiled I'm sure:)

2008-08-08 16:04:14 GMT