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Umai, Jabs, Tango the Parrot & the LIZARDS! Whew! Entry for August 7, 2008
Well here's the scoop. Everything went pretty smoothly - except for Jabs pulled a trick on me and managed to eat all the wet food before I knew what was happening... Got in just fine and Umai met me at the door and was Ms. Sweet & Sociable.  She wanted lots of pets and attention right away and was genuinely happy for company. For the longest time Jabs was nowhere in sight - so I went about reading all the instructions and set Jab's plate of wet food on the kitchen counter, then Umai's in the bath. Umai ate about 1/2 of hers then headed back out into the livingroom to socialize. Tango was making little sounds to get my attention so I got out a peanut and headed toward his cage to give him a snack. He took the peanut right out of my hand quite gently and munched away. So, while he was doing that I measured out his evening seeds and put those, topped with more peanuts into one of his bowls. One question! The "Seed Bowl" was already quite full and he still had some vegetables in the other. Am I supposed to put these seeds on top of the others or empty out the veggie bowl and use that? In the meantime, I just put the seeds in the seed bowl. I stood and watched him eat next to the catch and he seemed very relaxed - until I tried to offer him a Blackberry treat. Then he looked at me like" Can't you see I have enough to eat now? Don't bother me" So I let him be:) Meanwhile... Jabs finally shows himself but was a little timid - so I got his plate and set it down on the floor in front of him - which he wolfed down right away. However... I also discovered that while I was busy with Tango, HE was busy eating all Umai's food in the bathroom.... hmmm.  So, I'll have to keep an eye on him in the future and will probably give Umai a little more in the AM - because she wasn't really interested in eating more tonight. She prefered socializing and really liked playing with the wand which I dragged around from place to place. The lizards ( Ruby & Vitra) still had plenty of greens left from AM, Xeno had eaten all his food and Athena had eaten about half. The guys in the livingroom were sleepy but Athena was wide awake and alert - basking in the "Sun". WELL - That's it for now!!
2008-08-08 15:54:13 GMT