How's My Kitty?
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Chloe, Entry for August 6-7, 2008
Hi there again! Well I stopped by the market and we now have plenty of dry food - so all's back to normal on that count:) Chloe continues to make me laugh. She absolutely insists on pretty much doing nothing else but having games of chase - either with me tossing all her toys from one end of the condo. to the other or putting my hands up in the air and running after her like a big bad growling bear.  The feather wands sometimes amuse her but "Scary Bear" really is her favorite. Can't think of any other cats that find that so hilarious. And to be honest, it cracks me up too. If I stop - she'll run really fast then stop on the top of the couch for instance and look at me like - "Come on! Get me! " Sheesh! She's so smart, she really gets that it's a game.  Yesterday, when I was finally tuckered out - I laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. Then, she came and actually curled right up in my lap and settle down for almost 5 minutes before she had to get busy again. Amazing! That's quite a long time for her. Let's see, what else? Oh someone brought your vacuum cleaning back and attached a note saying the belt was broken. Other than that - everything's pretty normal here and Chloe seems none the worse for wear:) Cheers. lh
2008-08-08 15:37:56 GMT