How's My Kitty?
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Chloe, Entry for August 5, 2008
Sun.- Ok! Chloe is doing just fine. I have a feeling she finds ways to amuse herself when no one's around by the looks of the different locations of the toys I've left out.  Today she greeted me at the door and flopped down right in front of me - seemingly begging for tummy rubs. But! as soon as I got down to pet her she ran off into the livingroom. I know by now, that what she really wants me to do is chase her. That has been one of her favorite games lately:)  She also really likes running as fast as she can after any toy I throw. She'd finished all her wet food and some of the dry so she's eating normally. The I washed out her bowl and set out fresh for today and topped up the dry as well. She's a very good helper in the kitchen and always hops up on the kitchen counter to assist with the activites:)

Mon.- Chloe greeted me at the door today, flopped down but this time decided not to run - but wanted lots of pets and attention. Then she started running:) I discovered she'd been busy putting her toys in the toilet overnight.. and apparently had been drinking out of it as well. This worried me a bit because the dye from the toys had come off in the water which was blue by the time I got there in the AM.  So I fished those out, flushed it, closed the lid and told Chloe that even though she was a very clever kitty, that wasn't such a good idea drinking inky water. She didn't seem adversely affected in any case... and was particularly cuddly today, which was great and actually sat still in my lap for almost 2 minutes! before she had to get busy again:) Just can't keep a good kitten down for long. lol. She supervised the washing up and meal prep., took a few bites and then chased her toys from the livingroom - down the hall and out to the kitchen. I couldn't find another bag of dry food today, which was odd. No bag under the bathroom sink.. We're either out - or - I set it down someplace obscure in the kitchen yesterday.. Very odd. She had enough still in her bowl however for the rest of the day and night, so will make another search tomorrow.
2008-08-05 13:20:50 GMT