How's My Kitty?
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Seghisio, Meatball, Pinhead & Genny, Entry for August 1, 2008

Well those were GRREAT instructions to your parking space! I didn't make one wrong turn. I agree it's the best spot in the building = larger than the others and close to the elevator. So NO problem there. As for the munchkins, everybody was out and about except for Genny. Even though I called out Boo-Boo and Missy G a hundred times, she just wasn't going to show... When I first came in Seghisio & Meatball were in the livingroom in the dark and when I turned on the light they decided to hide. But when I called their names and walked over to them, they suddenly recognized my voice and slowly came back out with a sigh of relief:)) Seghisio hopped right up on the table and headed straight toward me to say hi and get some much needed pets. The boys were pretty wacky and running all over the place, so Seghisio finally decided to get out of the line of fire and go sit in the stroller. That didn't stop them from peering inside at her though and trying to stir the pot. So I decided to wear them down with the laser light - which they both ran around after until they couldn't run anymore:) lol. Then we all calmly watched a bit of TV, headed upstairs to do the chores and try and oust Genny to no avail - then it was nite nite and see you guys tomorrow! :)

2008-08-02 17:21:06 GMT