How's My Kitty?
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Chocolate & Tai, Entry for August 1, 2008
AM-When I arrived this morning Chocolate was there to greet me at the door.  As soon as she saw me she recognized her error and made a dash for the bedroom.  I had my usual conversation with them in the bedroom.  I told them how wonderful they were and how they were such good kitties.  I told them how pleased I would be if we could visit and play.  I did my chores and came back to see how they were doing.  Chocolate was under the bed and Tai was no where to be found.  I gave them some space for a while before I went on the search for Tai.  I found him almost invisible under the cabinet across from the desk in the office.  I reached in and gave him a little scratchie before I left.

PM- Chocolate and Tai were doing well this evening.  I started off with our conversation before doing my chores.  When I returned to the bedroom Chocolate was on top of the armoire.. She stayed exposed on top while I had my conversation with her.  I figured that she could get a good look at me from there.  I found Tai next to the armoire behind the curtain.  He made a break for it and ended up in the living room by the floor lamp. I sat down on the sofa and played with my cat dancer so that he could get a better idea about how it works and he spent some time observing me from a distance.  In fact he was still by the lamp when I left.
2008-08-02 15:42:26 GMT