How's My Kitty?
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Chocolate & Tai, Entry for July 31, 2008
When I arrived the kitties were nowhere to be found of course:)  So, the first thing I did was to find them and introduce my self.  Armed with the tuna puffs that I found by your bed, I laid down next to the bed and took a peek underneath.  Tai was there looking back at me and in my best kitty voice, I told him who I was and explained that his mom had sent me to make sure he was happy and that he got his food while she was away.  As I was asking him where his sister was, I noticed a brown shadow under the armoire on the other side of the bed. As Tai was moving in that direction, I got up on all fours and proceeded to move around to the armoire. I laid down in front of the armoire and pressed my face against the carpet so that the both of them could see my face.  I had about a ten minute "conversation" with them again in my best calm soft kitty voice. I also had my cat dancer toy with me which is a wire with pieces of card board on each end. When shaken, it looks like a moth fluttering in the air.  They seemed interested and Tai actually took a little sniff.  Chocolate allowed it to rest on her front paw but feigned disinterest.  I told them that I had to go to work and put four tuna puffs under the armoire and three just outside the front edge and went out to change the water, scoop the litter and divide the wet food.  I turned on the TV to provide some background noise and a normal evening environment and after my chores, waited to see if anybody would emerge.  Alas, no one was brave enough.  Before I left, I adjusted the  shades and turned on the lamp and went back for another visit.  The tuna puffs were gone and they were back in their little places.  I explained to them that I had to leave, I had enjoyed talking to them and that their food was waiting. I'm  hoping they'll try to venture out on my next visit:) Cheers!
2008-08-01 20:52:11 GMT