How's My Kitty?
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Kato & Sasha, Entry for July 26, 2008
Well we've gone from Mr. & Miz ultra sociable to "Don't bother me it's nap time" all in 24 hours. As mentioned on the phone they were both out and about on friday and couldn't have been happier. Kato got on top of his scratching post and held court & got lots of attention and brushing - surrounded by a host of toys. Sasha got her brush too and plenty of action with the laser light. They had an early dinner and I think we watched Iron Chef America - one of their favorites:) HowEVER - Saturday they were nowhere to be found.  I checked everywhere and called and called but nobody showed.  They've done this occassionally before ( mostly when I show up during afternoon nap time) so I'm not worrying about it anymore. I'm sure they were just laughing to themselves under the bed.
2008-07-27 14:14:33 GMT