How's My Kitty?
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Coco, Basil & Sage, Entry for July 7-8, 2008
Well the kids are still doing well and in good all around spirits. Coco remains very possessive of my lap and as soon as she has finished what she wants of her lunch she heads right toward me as quick as she can and hops up for love and attention. The sisters usually eat more and longer than she does, but eventually they'll come over too and sit a little distance away with these pitiful faces... like "Why does she always get to sit on her lap first?" Occassionally, either Basil or Sage will make a brave attempt to jump up, but Queen Coco gives them a sound snarl and off they go.  Fortunately, after awhile Coco remembers she's still hungry and jumps down to go get another snack, so that let's me off the hook to give the sisters a little love and playtime too. So overall things are going smoothly, however------- we did have a little excitement yesterday... When I arrived only (2) kitties greeted me, Coco & Basil.... which was quite troubling at first.  Sage was nowhere in sight. I asked Coco & Basil where she was but they were no help and basically were glad to have her out of the way so THEY could get all the attention. I insisted however, we search..... and went around calling her name. FINALLY - I heard a little meow coming from inside the front closet!!! And lo and behold when I opened it, there she was poor dear. The only thing I could figure was that she somehow had jumped over the bedroom wall, then down into the closet -but couldn't figure out how to jump back up. There were no accidents inside the closet, so I'm thinking she wasn't in there overnight... that it had perhaps happened in the early morning. Anyway - she was pretty hungry when she came out.  I served up lunch and Sage was the last one eating when everybody else had long since finished..:)
2008-07-09 13:36:06 GMT