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Harry, Entry for July 5-8, 2008
Well ... got a tad busy over the weekend, so we're playing a little catch-up with Harry's blogs today. Here you go!

7/5 - It was so good to see Harry's cute little face looking out at me from his beloved linen closet.  A nice bowl of tuna brought him out.  After he snacked on his tuna for a minute or so, he sauntered over to the rug for a little brushing.  He just loves rubbing his little chin against the brush.  We had a good play session with some scratchies and some brushing.   As usual Harry had to take his little breaks either in front of the air conditioner or the sofa to regroup and groom any misplaced hairs back to their rightful places.  We watched some TV while we lounged together on the rug and I gave Harry some soft scratchies and a few treats before I had to leave.

7/6-Harry was lounging in the top part of his cat tree when I arrived today.  He had been basking in the sun for a while and was warm to the touch.  He stayed in his tree swatting at the blue feathered wand.  When he had had enough of that he hopped down and took a minute to chill in front of the air conditioner.  He came back to the rug for some grooming and jumped into my lap to knock over the bag of treats.  Like the dutiful lab rat that I am, I responded to his signal by giving him some treats.  It is a fact that Harry has got me trained.  We had another good visit on the rug with some grooming and some scratchies.  Harry continued to take his little time outs either lounging in front of the air conditioner or the sofa or taking a minute to munch some dry food.  Toward the end of our visit we spent some time together on the rug watching Harry Potter.

7/7- Harry was doing well today.  He had his little can of Turkey, which brought him out of his closet for a nibble.  Once he had licked all of the juice from his turkey treat he was ready to be attended to.  He strolled over to the rug to get his little chin brushed and receive his scratchies.  We continued through our usual routine and ended with some laser play.  Harry continued his habit of chilling out for a few minutes and then coming back for more.  After some brushing we watched a bit of TV together.  Harry went back periodically to munch on his turkey and once, when I had to take a phone call on my cell, he held a five minute protest in his linen closet.  This allowed me to clean the litter and sweep the floor.  With a little pleading and whining his name "Come on Harrrry!" plus a little scratchie under the chin and Harry was back in the game.  What a guy!!!

7/8- Harry was doing fine today.  When I opened the door, I saw Harry scooting into the linen closet.  He must have been camping out in the cat bed in the hall next to the closet door.  Rather than try to coax him out, I started my chores first.  I washed his wet food bowl from yesterday, refreshed his food and water and swept the hall way floor to the litter box.  I was cleaning the litter box when Harry emerged from his closet.  He watched me for a few seconds and then headed for the living room.  Usually if he is in the closet before I arrive, he enjoys the process of me lying in front of the closet making various offerings of enticement.  I was pleased to see that Harry would just come out on his own to be with me.  I soon joined him on the rug, knowing that the rest of the visit time belonged to Harry. We started off with a very soft brushing under his chin and down his back.  If the grooming process is too vigorous, he sometimes considers it too personal.  Today he gave me his tummy for a few strokes for my efforts and we went through our usual routine on the rug.  I switched to the chair when he took a break for a few minutes of TV.  Harry reached up and pawed my knees and jumped up in the chair to elicit the few remaining treats in the pouch and went back to the rug for some scratchies and a little more brushing before his next break. We spent the rest of the visit having some together time in front of the TV, puncuated with some periodic scratchies:)
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