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Tucker, Maggie, Bones & Jordan, Entry for July 5, 2008
Amazingly it was Maggie and Jordan who were the door greeters today! I was very pleased Jordan remembered what I told her and took it to heart. As soon as I stepped inside she rubbed right up against me and wanted her pets first:) Smart girl. Lunch was kind of fun. Since they're sharing plates I had the sudden inspiration to create a kind of ordeuvres presentation with 16 dollops of two types of wet food instead of just dumping them out en masse on each plate.  I think they thought that was pretty cool, especially Maggie who seem determined to eat everything by herself. After that I headed out to the garden and I'm happy to report that the flowers were all very well behaved, with no pushing and shoving for who got watered first. So a good time was had by all:)
2008-07-06 18:04:20 GMT