How's My Kitty?
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Max, Entry for July 5-6, 2008
Good news is that whatever was bothering Maxie's left eye yesterday has resolved itself. So squinting today. Max continues to be his cute and crazy self, giving me my obligatory kisses when I come in and jumping miles high for the white ball. He's been spending alot of time in the window and rushes to the door to greet me when he see's me outside.  This morning he was particularly funny. Near the end of our visit he hopped way up on the top shelves in the kitchen. I congratulated him for being such an adventurer and bid him farewell until tomorrow. At the door, I turned back one last time to say goodbye and his little face was peering around the corning way up on the shelf. It was really cute:)
2008-07-06 17:55:28 GMT