How's My Kitty?
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Coco, Basil & Sage, Entry for July 5, 2008
It was quite an amusing day at CB & S's place. Everybody was getting along great and eating all together in the kitchen while I sat in the livingroom chair so I could keep an eye on them and watch a bit of Wimbledon. But soon, Coco wandered over and hopped righ up on the ottoman next to me. The sisters thought that was a pretty good idea, so they "attempted" to follow suit. But one after the other, Coco fought them off.  She had taken possession of me and that was that:) Poor girls... We had fun later though running after balls and toys and the obstacle course I created for them with (3) big boxes that arrived for you. They seem to be enjoying that because the boxes are in different spots everyday.
2008-07-06 17:51:22 GMT