How's My Kitty?
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Coco, Basil & Sage, Entry for July 4, 2008
Hi there! Well the kitties are being as cute as they can be. The sisters greet me at the door and Ms. Puff sits royaly on the bed waiting to be pet and served. Everybody is very excited for their visits everyday and I get right down on the floor with my little door greeters immediately to give them lots of pets for being so cute then of course give Coco her fair share too which she waits so patiently for. I served Basil & Sage their plates of wet food on the floor and offered "Lunch in Bed" for Coco the Queen, with a little cloth table mat to catch any crumbs. She thought that was quite a good thing and chowed right down:) Yesterday I filled the water tank because it was almost empty and it was down by half today - so they're drinking plenty of water - and the feeder seems to be doing it's job as there is still about 1/2 cup of dry food left each visit. After lunch we played chase the Greenies and other toys around the condo and then back to Puff for more pets and love on the bed, where she seems content to stay:)
2008-07-05 11:13:14 GMT