How's My Kitty?
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Tabitha, Entry for June 22, 2008
Tabitha was particularly happy today when I arrived and flopped right down in the hallway and started rolling all around in hopes of tummy rubs asap.  When she'd had her fill of love and attention she headed right over to her bowl and sat there looking at me. So I prepared her meal, set it down for her to munch then checked on the blanket which I'd left soaking overnight. I am happy to report that the stain was gone, so I sqeezed it out and hung it up in the bath to dry. Then took care of the litter and swept up. Missy does like to scratch around a bit and let the litter fly =) After that we had our play session with Tabitha running after the toys as fast as she could. But instead of playing with them, she'd scratch the carpet excitedly for awhile, then wait for the next toss. Such a nut:) She really makes me laugh. After that, I had to have a little snuggle fix on the couch which she indulged me in.
2008-06-23 14:42:32 GMT