How's My Kitty?
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Tabitha, Entry for June 20-21, 2008
June 20 - Hi there! Hope you got my call-back that your little angel and I are doing just great. She was right at the door today when I came in and couldn't wait for lots of pets and scratchies. She then went over to her bowl to encourage me to prepare her meal, which I did - tidying up her space to make her meal more appealing:) She took a few bites while I went and took care of the litter and swept up. After than laid down and turned on the TV. Soon Tabitha hopped up onto my chest with her little arms around my neck and we had a good cuddle. I don't think there's a better cuddler in all of Chicago!:)

June 21 - Pretty much our same routine today, but we did more chasing of toys around the apt. Wish I could teach her to fetch - so I wouldn't have to get so much excercise too. lol. She let me pick her up and we walked around and surveyed the apt. for any accidents - and sure enough I did find that she'd had some issues with a hairball, starting on the white blanket on the couch. So I cleaned that up a bit, put some soap on it and have let it soak overnight. So hopefully the stain will be gone by tomorrow. Hairballs are getting to be a daily thing now in kittyland with summer and shedding season upon us.
2008-06-22 15:19:55 GMT