How's My Kitty?
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Harry, Entry for June 19-21, 2008

June 19-Harry was in good spirits today.  He of course was in his closet when I arrived.  I prepared his wet food and allowed him to have a nibble in the closet before I put it in his eating area.  About a minute later he emerged for more.  We went through our routine on the living room rug.  Harry received several good brushings and lots of scratchies.  We had some play with the blue feathered wand.  Harry continues to knock his treats over when he wants more.  We ended our visit on the rug together watching a little TV

June 20- Harry and I had a great visit today.  A quick brush and a couple of treats brought Harry right out of his closet.  He followed me to the living room for more.  We spent most of our visit on the rug together.  At first Harry wanted lots of brushing and scratchies.  He would knock the treat bag over every time he wanted another treat.  Harry and I lounged on the rug for a while in-between  and sometimes I would hold the brush down bristles up for Harry to help himself and he would run his chin and the sides of his face over the bristles.  Harry directed me through his routine in the order that he wanted.  After a while I needed to get up off the floor and sit in a chair.  It was at this point Harry really surprised me.  Harry jumped up into my lap and walked around, up onto the lamp table and back into my lap.  Harry has never considered jumping up into my lap before.  I was honored.

June 21- Harry was doing fine today.  He was of course in his closet when I arrived.  He came out quickly to his eating area following his bowl of wet food.  After he had eaten for a while he showed up on the rug for his brushing and some scratchies.  We went through our routine with time outs for rest and snacks.  Harry came up on the recliner again today for some treats. How bold he is getting.  What a great little guy.

2008-06-22 15:12:16 GMT