How's My Kitty?
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Harry, Entry for June 18, 2008
Harry was in the closet when I arrived.  It took some time, brushing and treats to get him to move his act to the living room.  We did all of our usual things on the rug today punctuated by several time outs for Harry to lay by the air conditioner or in front of the sofa to re-group.  Harry continues to knock over the pouch of treats when he wants more. We watched some TV while only Harry groomed himself today.  We didn't play with the laser today, maybe tomorrow.  The little laser light is too intrusive for Harry to deal with on a daily basis.  He likes it, but it worries him sometimes, so the laser will have a slow introduction so that Harry can handle it. Harry is soo sweet, but still so unsure of new things.  I look forward to our new adventures though.
2008-06-19 22:46:09 GMT