How's My Kitty?
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Sweet Betsy & Coco Entry for June 16, 2008
Both of your little babies were doing wonderful today! No one was in sight when I arrived, however as soon as I popped the cat food can Sweet Betsy emerged from the back bedroom followed shortly by Coco. While the two girls pigged out on their wet food, I took the opportunity to do the litter box. After Sweet Betsy stopped eating she came hopping by me on her way to the front of the apartment as I cleaned the litter box. Afterwards we had a great play session on the rug and Coco accepted lots of scratchies about the head, neck and shoulders before running off to the dining room. I found Sweet Betsy on the bed in the back bedroom. I knelt down by the bed and we had a great time! She loves getting stroked and petted. We snuggled for quite a while and she was quite content and ready for a little nap when I left. Cheers!
2008-06-18 00:03:21 GMT