How's My Kitty?
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Coco & Sweet Betsy Entry for June 15, 2008
When I arrived today Coco and Sweet Betsy greeted me in the dining room and they led me straight into the kitchen to prepare their wet food. They munched for a while on their food while I sat in the kitchen to read your notes. After Sweet Betsy was done nibbling she went right over to the back door and started to meow. Since I was a new-comer she thought that I would let her out, but she certainly hadn't counted on me reading the instructions from her mom and dad! She stayed by the back door, so I laid down next to her on the floor with a brush. I ever so lightly brushed down her shoulders and back and along her chin on the side with her good ear. She rolled on he side and soon had a nice purr going. After a while she got up and walked over the the chair that I had been sitting on and to my surprise even with her missing back leg she hopped up on the chair and onto the kitchen table and curled up on top of my notes. I got up and sat on the chair to prevent her from trying to hop down and hurting herself and resumed grooming her. When she had had enough and stood up I put her back down on the floor and tucked the chair back under the table. Coco had been watching all of this from just inside the dining room and I focused my attention on her for a while. I tried the brush out on her, but she was more interested in playing with it. I had a toy with me called a cat dancer which she enjoyed for a while and we adjourned to the living room for some more choices of wands We played for a while before I continued my chores and she retired to to kitchen for a munch. I hope all is well for you!
2008-06-17 00:29:45 GMT