How's My Kitty?
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Ed & Gus, Entry for June 13-15, 2008

6/13 pm: Hi there! All went well with the kitties and Armando today. Fortunately Ed doesn't care who gives him his injection as long as it's accompanied by FOOD =) Makes life so much easier... He didn't find any accidents outside the box today, which was good and I made sure he remembered to fill their water bowl in the livingroom as well. They both accepted pets and love to after dinner.

5/14 am/pm:  Recieved updates after both visits. Injections went well, with no accidents outside the box either! Yea. So kitties are on their best - behavior and got their usual treats as a reward.

5/15 am - Early 7:30 visit today all is well. Couple small accidents by the box today, but no big deal. Armando did a bit of vacuuming so the house should be in order and kitties should be happy when you arrive home later.

2008-06-15 14:23:00 GMT