How's My Kitty?
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Harry Entry for June 13, 2008
Harry was in his closet when I arrived today.  He seemed somewhat out of sorts so I prepared his tuna and brought it to him to try and get him to come out.  He had a nibble in the closet and I sat it in front.  I managed a little brushing with the soft blue brush as well.  Finally I sat the tuna by the wall opposite the closet and went to the living room and turned on the TV and sat in the chair to wait for Harry.  After some minutes Harry emerged by his eating area.   I called to him, waving the blue brush and shaking his little bag of treats, and ee carefully sauntered over to the chair looking from side to side for any nefarious intruders that might be lurking around the apartment.  After a little brushing and a few treats we settled on the rug for some play and brushing.  At one point Harry had his front legs wrapped around the post of his cat tree catching and grabbing the blue feather wand as it brushed against the front of the post.  He moved around and laid on the rug for more play with the blue feather wand and an occasional brush punctuated by a treat or two.  We watched a little TV while Harry settled in front of the air conditioner and returned to the rug periodically for more play and a few treats. I hope you are having a great trip!
2008-06-14 16:25:02 GMT